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We believe in the importance of the Tithe. 

Tithe simply means tenth, and was first practiced by Abraham as he gave one tenth of his income to the Lord.  His example shows us this principle is holistic to all the Bible, and is affirmed by Jesus and the author of Hebrews as a New Testament practice. 

The Tithe is meant for your local church.

Malachi 3 encourages us to bring the whole Tithe to the storehouse (your church home), meaning we are not to split the Tithe between different churches. An offering, which is anything beyond the Tithe is yours to designate as you see fit.

Tithing is a matter of the heart, and not the bank account.

Jesus teaches us that where we put our treasure our heart will follow.  Being obedient in the Tithe is one way of demonstrating that Jesus and His Church have your heart. We encourage you not to go into debt to give.  The Bible teaches that when we give it should be according to what we have rather than what we don’t have.


You will simplify your life…and won’t have to remember whether you’ve given or not. If you are unable to attend a church service due to illness or vacation, you can maintain faithfulness in your giving. Recurring Online Payments are the easiest, and most consistent way to give.

You will be helping the church…by reducing the time devoted to counting offerings and other associated administrative costs — thus, putting more of your dollars to work in helping all people DISCOVER and TRUST in the love of JESUS.

You can focus on worship…and encountering God, instead of fumbling with your purse/wallet, pen and checkbook.

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